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Our hospital's medical policy

As this clinic is located near the countryside of Fujieda City and was inherited from our predecessor, we aim to provide community-based home medical care. We also provide visiting medical treatment. We are also smoothly coordinating clinics and clinics mainly with Fujieda City General Hospital.
We also have fever outpatient clinics.

Medical hours

Medical hours      

◯Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

  Am. 8:30-12:00, p.m. 3:00-5:00      


  AM 8:30~12:00

◯Closed: Thursday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, Sundays, and holidays


Please download the medical history form, fill it out, and bring it with you when you visit the hospital.
>>Click here to download the medical questionnaire (PDF file) 
*Adobe® Reader® plug-in (free) is required to view PDF format documents. If you don't have it,hereAvailable from.


Medical subject
In-hospital/medical equipment, etc.

Internal medicine, pediatrics



Electrocardiograms, chest X-rays, and abdominal ultrasounds are all digitally processed and stored on the cloud.
The image diagnosis of the day will be explained immediately using the viewer on the doctor's desk.
We also perform Holter electrocardiograms and respiratory function tests.
For tests that cannot be performed at our hospital (MRI, CT, ultrasound for areas other than the abdomen, etc.), we use outsourced testing at Fujieda City General Hospital.

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