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For first-time patients


For those receiving a medical examination for the first time


We do not accept reservations by phone. The entrance shutter will open at 7 o'clock, so please write your name on the paper provided.

Please come and take your temperature. We will also give you a medical questionnaire at the counter, but you can also download it from our website.

>>Click here to download the medical questionnaire (PDF file) 

It would be helpful if you could write down in advance any illnesses you have had or are currently suffering from, any medications you are taking, and whether you have any allergies.
Please wear a mask inside the hospital.
If you have a medication notebook, please be sure to bring it with you. Also, if you have had any medical examinations or examination results at other facilities, please bring them with you.

If you have another family doctor, please consult with them first.



How to proceed with medical examination/examination


1. We do not take reservations for first-time patients, so please write your name on the paper provided in order for that day.
2. We will take your temperature, interview you, and in some cases, perform a urine test and electrocardiogram before your treatment.
3. Please note that the order may change depending on the examination, treatment, severity, etc.
4. Call your nameOnce you are done, you will enter the examination room and your treatment will begin. Please contact us anything.
5. After your treatment, we will issue you a prescription at the reception desk.



Examination time and cost


If you are seeing us for the first time, we will see you during the intervals between scheduled patients (regular patients).

When you come for the first time, it would be very helpful if you could spare some time.
In addition, if you have an emergency, we will treat you as soon as possible depending on your symptoms.



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