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Notice about vaccination


At our hospital, we administer legal vaccinations (some of which are optional) entrusted by the city as follows.


  • Mixed measles and rubella (Monday) 4:30pm~ (Saturday) 11:30am~

  • Two-type mixture/four-type mixture (Wednesday) 4:30pm~ (Friday) 4:30pm~

  • Japanese encephalitis (Wednesday) 4:30pm~ (Saturday) 11:30am~

  • BCG       (Monday) pm 2:30~

  • cervical cancer      (Fri) pm 4:30~

  • ​Chickenpox


Reservations are required. The time shown is a guideline for when you arrive at the hospital.

Please note that this will be done after the general medical examination has finished to prevent the spread of other diseases.

For safety reasons, vaccinations will not be administered on any other day of the week.

As a general rule, we ask that a parent or guardian accompany the child, but we will accept it if the child has a signature in the power of attorney section.

Also, please don't forget to bring your medical history sheet and maternal and child health handbook.

This does not apply to voluntary paid vaccinations such as mumps, chickenpox, and influenza.

Please contact us at the counter or by phone.


Reservations are required, so if you are interested, please apply at the reception.

Inquiry/Reservation time

Morning 11:00-12:00 (Mon-Sat)

Afternoon 2:00-3:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

TEL 641-2903 Sugaya Internal Medicine Clinic

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